Welcome to Our World of Wine

“Of course, the wine is the star here and their list is well-researched and extensive.” ( submitted by a Yelp! reviewer) At Tannin we aim to offer an extensive range of wines in two different pour sizes. Our tasting pour is two ounces. This size is ideal for trying a wine that you might be unfamiliar with, without committing to more than you might care for. One great tasting strategy is to build your own tasting themes or flights by ordering multiple tasting pours of related wines, such as Pinot Noirs from around the globe or different styles of wine from one region or country.

Obviously, our wine by the bottle program is larger and more comprehensive than our by the glass offerings. However, trying wines by the taste or glass is a great way to discover the wines that you wish to share bottles of with friends. To that purpose, we refresh our wine by the glass offerings regularly in order to offer many unique wines for our guests to try. Don’t be too disappointed if the wine by the glass that you fell for last time isn’t offered on this visit. It’s most likely still available by the bottle and we’ve worked hard to find other interesting wines to offer by the glass.

We hope to see you regularly. That’s why we’ve designed our wine program to evolve seasonally, change frequently and harmonize with our food offerings. No matter if you join us once a month, once a week or daily we are confident that you’ll discover new and unique wines on each visit. We’d love to assist you in this pursuit.