Become a TanninWine Club Member today!  If you are interested in becoming a wine club member or have additional questions, please email Barry Tunnell

Member Benefits:

  • Personal wine locker
  • One bottle of each wine club selection per month
  • Free admission to all wine club tastings
  • Reduced admission for all wine dinners
  • Early offers on selected highly allocated wines at special club prices
  • 15% discount every time you dine

Member Events:

  • Saturday & Sunday wine tasting events featuring the wine selection from one of our clubs with complementing wines.
  • Regular weeknight events featuring winemakers, winery owners, importers and representatives in the wine industry. 
  • Occasional theme-focused dinners which seek to highlight the partnership between food and wine.

Tannin Wine Clubs

Classic Club: our wine club as it has existed since day one.  Each month we will fill your locker with a seasonally appropriate selection of the most exciting, expressive and distinctive wines available to us.  The list price of these bottles tend to fall between $45 and $75 on our wine list.  $475/year

Value Club: each month we will fill your locker with selections that offer supreme bang for the buck.  Expect overachieving wines from undiscovered and undervalued regions.  Also, expect a level of honesty and uniqueness that is oftentimes lacking in less expensive wines.  The list price of these bottles will tend to fall between $26 – $50 per bottle on our list.  $350/year

Gourmand Club: this club is unique in that it really transcends wine to include offerings from our kitchen as well.  Each month  Barry will work with Chef Brian Aaron to pair an ideally synergistic wine club selection with one of his seasonal main course selections.  Your membership will include one bottle of the wine club selection plus 2 main courses from our kitchen each month.  These bottles will tend to fall between $45 -$70 on our list and the two main course plates will have a total value of about $50 per month.  $975/year

Enamel-Eraser Club: can’t get enough of the high acid and high expression whites that we pour so much over the spring and summer?  Neither can we! Expect great wines from cool climate Northern locales like Germany, Austria, Loire, Alsace and even Slovenia! Bottles will tend to price between $40 – $80 on our wine list.  $450/year

Pinot Noir Club: pinot noir is one of the greatest and most expressive grapes on the planet.  There are lots of places that claim to make world class Pinot these days and each of those places offer their own unique expression of the grape.  Explore the wonderful diversity of Pinot Noirs each month from Burgundy, Willamette Valley, Sonoma Coast, Santa Barbara and many more.  Average list price for these bottles will fall between $50 – $120.  $775/year

Big Red Club: finally a club to rival the greatness of Capital Grille’s.  Well, our version will showcase the classically bold reds that you require with that Kansas City Strip Steak.  Bottles will be priced between $75 – $125 on our list.  $975/year